How to Use PowerShell to Create a timer or a stopwatch

I wanted to create a timer that I will be able to know how much time passed from a snippet of a code. I familiar with the Measure-Command:

But I wanted to know if there is another way I […]

Is floating point math broken?

Why does this happen? Binary floating point math is like this. In most programming languages, it is based on the IEEE 754 standard. JavaScript uses 64-bit floating point representation, which is the same as Java’s double. The crux […]

Check if a directory exists in a shell script

What command can be used to check if a directory exists or not, within a shell script? To check if a directory exists in a shell script you can use the following:

Or to check if a directory doesn’t […]

Why is subtracting these two times (in 1927) giving a strange result?

If I run the following program, which parses two date strings referencing times 1 second apart and compares them:

The output is:

Why is ld4-ld3 not 1 (as I would expect from the one-second difference in the times), […]