Top 5 Programming Languages in 2018

Programming is being used in almost in every place.

This started to cause to people generating a new programming languages.

In fact, there are more than 600 unique programming languages.

But the main question is “What should I use ?”

It is hard to answer this question so instead we will overview on the top 6 programming languages in 2018:

1. Java:

This is still the most favored language for building the backends for modern applications and it exist lots of years

2. Python:
So easy to use. This is personally my favorite one.
It became common because of lots of frameworks available for anything ranging from web applications to text mining.
You can do with it almost anything.

3. JavaScript:

Almost everypage in the interent is using JavaScript so it is not suprisingly that this is number 3. In fact, it is used by over 80% of developers and by 95% of all websites.

4. C++:

The old C++ is still one of the most used. It is used for application software, game development, drivers, client-server apps and embedded firmware. According to Coding Dojo, C++ continues in use in several legacy systems at large enterprises,

5. C#:

C# is the like the new C++, it is like C+++ :).

An object-oriented language from Microsoft designed to run on the .NET platform.